Luster Minis!

It is no secret that everyone loves the look of luster. It is a beautiful shiny finish that nearly everyone I meet is attracted to. But, I have always had a hard time committing to using it here and there in my work. I never really felt like it found a home on my pieces when I would use it in small quantities. Which is why I went all in and fully committed on these minis. Luster is an overglaze made with actual gold that is applied to a finished piece and requires a third firing. Not only is the actual product very expensive but the extra costs of a third firing aren’t ideal so when covering entire pieces with luster, it is hard to decide which direction to go in. That is why my mini bud vases were the perfect piece to use for this: They are tiny and stand well on their own, I can make one-offs and have a variety of options for people, they are easy to fully coat, and I can make a lot at one time to justify that third firing.

Chelsea Erdner