Lined White OLLIVER x BOMBABIRD: Rayne

Lined White OLLIVER x BOMBABIRD: Rayne


Wheel thrown candle vessel finished in a custom white glaze on a dark stoneware body with carved details.

~ 4 in. wide | 3 in. tall

~ this piece is ready to ship

Candle Information:

+ Patchouli
+ Saffron
+ Egyptian Musk

Hand poured in Columbus, Ohio by my talented friends at Olliver Lifestyle. Each candle is scented with fine fragrance and essential oils using cruelty free ingredients. Candles are filled using USA grown soy wax and paper core cotton wicks.

Please allow candles to burn all the way to the edge with each use to prevent tunneling.

For more information about Olliver Lifestyle, please visit their website.

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