I create functional ceramic ware inspired by the simple moments of everyday life. I am driven to create the most authentic work as I possibly can by staying true to myself and my creative process. My work comes from a place of commitment to the craft and appreciation for both form and function. All pieces evoke simplicity and a subtleness that hopefully slows us down. I want my work to bring joy to those who use it and in return, I get to continue doing something I love. 

My quantities are limited as I make most pieces from start to finish with these two tiny hands and work full time. With that being said, I am not taking custom orders right now. I simply make the work that fulfills me and it is available as often as I can ensure so. If you are interested in my work, please keep a look out on my Instagram. That is where I will most likely make announcements of when work is ready for purchase.


chelsea@bombabird.com  /  Pittsburgh, PA