OAT | BIRD Fundraiser

OAT | BIRD started as an inside joke between two ceramicists who spend a lot of time drinking coffee together, talking shop, commiserating and celebrating all the things that come along with running a small business, being artists and being humans. 

Elise of OATMEAL + Chelsea of BOMBABIRD ran along parallel but uncrossing paths for a while, unknowingly working out of a shared cooperative studio, selling at the same shops, and knowing some of the same people. Then, met for a blind coffee date and never looked back.


We could go on and on about how much support we have given to one another, the shoulders to cry on, the long car rides and the cheerleading... and now we're moving in together.  We will be sharing and building out a studio space to operate OATMEAL and BOMBABIRD independently but side by side, we'll be joining forces with OAT | BIRD to fundraise for the buildout and set up of a fresh new space with big windows, lots of potential and so many dreams. OAT | BIRD is a fun way of working together to make limited edition pieces to raise funds for a common goal of creating a dream workspace for each of us to grow our respective ceramic practices and businesses.


Our friend, Carla Weeks (link to her website) has graciously allowed us use of one of her new Mojave desert structure based line works for limited edition hand screen printed tote bags and hand dyed bandanas. 


BOMBABIRD has created a new lava glaze for an exclusive release


OATMEAL a black on black horsehair single stem necklace at a very special price, among other little things.

Each purchase will help us buy lumber to build work surfaces and shelving, do electrical work, purchase space specific furniture and fixtures as well as invest in our futures as makers and grow both our artistic practices and businesses.  We also get to do this together, which makes it even better and taking a big leap a little less scary.  Thank you for supporting one or both of us along these last few years and for considering to help to support a big and exciting move into our new studio.